Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Is homosexuality immoral?

Is homosexuality immoral?

Peter Pace - Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff - believes so, which underscores his reasons for allowing gays into the military on the Don't Ask, Don't Tell basis.

Hillary Rodham Clinton dodged giving her opinion when first asked, and then clarified her position. She disagrees with Pace.

Look, if you get the thought categories wrong, you make Pace's mistake and get stuck in Clinton's (temporary) cleft stick.

Homosexuality is not a choice. It is just how some people are. You may debate the genetic predisposition, the hormonal imbalances, etc., all you like, but unless you are a head-in-the-sand Born Again dead-beat, the matter is settled. And, please note, heterosexuality is the same. It's just how some (okay, most) people are.

So what is the real thought category? Simply this - heteosexuality is neither inherently moral nor immoral; but heterosexual people are capable of behaving immorally. It follows that homosexuality is not inherently moral or immoral. But homosexuals are equally capable of behaving immorally.

Morality is normally a matter of behavior not essence.

Of course, you are now free to make your case for what is or is not immoral behavior. That's up to you and your personal criteria.

But if Peter Pace had understood this crucial distinction he would not have laid himelf open to such criticism; nor would Hillary have had to dodge her questioner.