Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Kyoto: As Rita follows Katrina

Dear President Bush,

A few years ago you refused to endorse the Kyoto agreement whereby nations of the world would co-operate in reducing carbon emissions to help counteract global warming. One of your major reasons, as I recall, was that the Kyoto requirements were too stringent for the United States - they would damage the American economy.

Now we have been ripped apart by Hurricane Katrina, and Rita is closing in. These huge hurricanes derive their massive power from oceans that are getting warmer and warmer and too many earth scientists are saying there IS a connection with global warming.

Already we have no idea how you will pay for the recovery from Katrina when your miscalculations from your war in Iraq are already plunging the nation into unprecedented deficit.

This is the thing: signing on to Kyoto would hurt the economy? Well the impact of global warming will hurt it even more! If the left fist don't get you then the right one will.

Your decisions, Mr. President, are the most damaging to the American economy.

Of course, "strong leadership" means there is no way you will ever change your mind. (Sigh!)

Michael Buss