Saturday, September 18, 2004

Okay - here I am

WARNING: Please don't read this blog if you want to think in short sound bites; or can cope with nothing more profound than the latest network TV pop-psyche. But if in order to get you to think I have to stick a metaphorical finger up your nose until you wriggle, at least you will have paid some attention. Even if you don't agree. But do me this favor: do not so barricade yourself into the rightness of your opinions that you could never conceivably change them. Hey, I make you a promise - show me good reason to think otherwise and I will modify my opinions too.

Here I am - a Green-Carded Brit, who is glad to be living in the States because almost anything is preferable to living in Blair's Britain. The state of public affairs in Britain seems to be more petty, more sordid, more over-taxed and more washed-out with excessive, globally warmed-up rain than anything I can find in the U.S. That's probably not quite true - but it feels good to say it!

Now here we go:

The Western World is awash with it - massive, incontrovertible evidence that George Bush totally miscalculated his insane invasion of Iraq and that he now lives in a self-reinforcing world of spin, thinly covered by bluff. According to the polls nearly 50% of Americans are taken in by the argument that if WMD were not actually found, well, What the hell - Saddam was a bad guy, so it was as well to take him out anyway. The people of Iraq are now free. And they might just keep Dubya on for another four years.

This is bolstered by the empty fiction that it is disloyal for us to attack the Commander-in-Chief while his troops are in harm's way fighting under the Stars and Stripes; and even if he did get it wrong it's better to stick by the President than ditch him and install Mr. Flip-Flop Kerry. (More of him later.)

The British have some neat phrases that to dispose of this American anti-intellectualism - What a load of bollocks!! I'm not saying that all Brits would use this phrase to describe the apparent ongoing support of the status quo, but it seems that more of them have opened their eyes to Blair's folly than have Americans to Bush's gung-ho, shoot 'em up strategies.

Dubya's poodle is in deep sh*t - more than most American's know. This week The Daily Telegraph revealed that yet more secret and damning papers have been released that show how profoundly critical were many of Blair's own administration a full year before the invasion of Iraq. Here's the opening paragraph:

"Tony Blair was warned a year before invading Iraq that a stable post-war government would be impossible without keeping large numbers of troops there for 'many years', secret government papers reveal."

You may read the full text at
Electronic Telegraph